Not just another boring website! Create a Real Estate Agent Website that “rocks”

If you’re not creating content, and for now are just using a boring, static website provided by your company as sort of an “online business card,” that’s okay too. You can still use these tools, but folks probably won’t be too interested in sharing your site if it doesn’t have anything interesting they can’t find somewhere else. Get creative and use your website to create content that is unique and useful!

One of the biggest no/no’s in social media is that you should never blatantly advertise yourself and your company. Social media sites are run by people, consumers and users. Remember this: Never advertise your real estate business on social media websites. You can provide your websites and business information in the areas provided to you on that particular site, but that’s it. Do your selling on your website. Use the content on your Website to drive traffic from Social Media Site. Post links of useful information to your agent website. Or, even better let us show you how to “mingle” that content together. Thus you drive new clients to seek you out. If they have a need i.e.: “I need to find a home for my family in “your market area” or I must get my home sold, and you have place yourself in their SOI then they will seek you out and become your client.