Social Marketing 101 | How to Create a Facebook Business Page

To start a fan page you must have a Facebook personal page (account). If you do not have a Facebook page its really simple to begin just go to and create your account. Facebook is ultimately a Social Network designed for individuals to connect to friend and family so, every Fan Page or Business page must be sponsored by someone.

Once you have logged into Facebook Click on the link: Create a Page

Step 1: Pick a category and name

Pick the category that best fits what you’d like to promote on Facebook. Don’t worry if you don’t find a perfect fit, but pick the closest match since you won’t be able to change your category. I suggest a business person or you can be bold and do an individual page as a Public Figure

The name of the Page should be the exact same as the name of your business, team, or you could use your name like: “Fred Zimwalt | Real Estate and Investments” or just “Fred Zimwalt, Realtor” for example or do a community or area page or something like “YourTown | Real Estate. We can always create anouther page if you change your mind!

Click “Create Page.”

Step 2: Add a profile picture

Click “upload a picture” near the top and upload the graphic or photo that best represents you. Make sure that your name is clear even as a “thumbnail,” if you have text in the image, since the image will appear at that reduced size throughout the site (for example, on fans’ profiles and on their friends’ Home pages). If you need help creating a great looking image send the tech working on your app an email and he or she can give you some options.

Step 3: Add information

Click “Add information to this Page” underneath the profile picture and enter as much basic and detailed information as you can. The fields available will depend on your Page type. The more details you can add about who you are, what you do, and when and where you are available, the more successful you will be.

Step 4: Make it rich and engaging

Like user profiles, Pages have multiple tabs. By default, your Page has a Wall tab for you and your fans to share content, an Info tab for you to share business information,and a Boxes tab for application modules. You can choose to devote entire tabs to several Facebook applications, such as Photos, Reviews, and Discussion Board. In addition, of course you will have a cool applications built by Premier One that will give you many more options than available here for Page tabs. Once your Business or Individual Agent Page is launched (your only a couple clicks away) We will be able to send you a link to update your page with your Welcome Tab and Search Like and Agent Application. Or, at your option you can temporarily allow your app designer access to you Page (only your page and not your facebook account of course) and they can complete the process for you. You will receive additional instruction on launching your app from your designer.

Just Remember: The more rich content you add, the more ways users can interact with it and spread that connection to their friends. Post photos of events, team members and customers.

Step 5: Publish

Click the “publish this Page” link to share your Page the with world.

Unlike a phone book listing or website, this public profile has the power to let your customers engage their friends on your behalf.

Optimize your Page’s performance by clicking the “Edit Page” link and setting a variety of controls. For instance, you can control the default landing tab for users who are not yet fans of your Page. You can also choose whether or not to allow fans to share Wall posts, photos, and more; allowing these will enrich your Page and increase its reach across Facebook.

We suggest you change these setting to show your Welcome page first once your application is created and the tab is launched.

Facebook Ads can link to your Page, reach your exact target audience, and increase your fan base. Since Facebook can automatically enhance your ads with stories about these fans engaging with your Page, advertising your Page can generate a virtuous cycle of consumer engagement over time. Premier One -Technology, can help you with additional services to help you market your page. Give us a call or contact us for more information on professionally managed solutions.

Once we have your fan page populated and your applications launched don’t forget to like your own Page! Share it with friends by clicking the “Share” button in the lower left of the Wall or Info tab.

Step 6: Update Regularly

Updating your Page regularly with fresh photos, upcoming events, latest promotions, and always of course your featured properties or Real Estate Services means your Page won’t just look like a profile, and that will keep users coming back. Facebook users are used to getting information sorted by what happened most recently. If you keep your Page active, which you can do through our mobile integrations and applications, you’ll find that your fans are more engaged and more interactive. Remind your “Sphere of Influence” regularly to check out your “open houses or new featured properties” and tie this in with the listing manager features and open house features in your listing manager account.

You can also send some or all of them messages by clicking “Send an Update to Fans” in the upper-left of your Page (under the profile picture). Updates are useful for sending out announcements or events.

You are now a Tech Savvy – Social Media – Real Estate Guru!